20 & Over Club

I started this club at Shooters for the Monday night 8-ball BCS Vegas league in July 2012. The statistic I use are a combination of winzips and runouts divided by games played to get your R.O.% I feel this is the most important pool statistic but unfortunately no league director posts this important stat.

To have your name posted you must meet three requirements:

  • Your % must be 20% and over

  • Your league must be a qualified league like BCA, Valley, etc… stats must be verified

  • You must play in at least 66.67% of all games played

Running out is the ultimate goal with any pool player. Anyone can win a game but the run out defines the better player. Running out has nothing to do with your competition.

It is all out you against the game! !

~A side note on Bud Nelson The Summer league, 2011, The Clarette Club, Thursday night league BCA National qualifications. Team Platinum.  Games played 60, Run outs 17, Win zips 10, power average 3.88, Game average 9.87. RUN OUT Percentage was 45.

Nice talkin’ to Ya!, 

Then there is the winter league ending April 2011: R.O. Percentage 37.    In 75 games had 27 Run Outs.   

& Let’s not forget Buds 5 National BCA Championships:   

46 Games Won-9 Lost  .837  won/lost %

Pretty Good & You?

Thanks for Stoppin’ by!

Hail the HomeRun Hitters of Pool!!!

Current Members:
Bob Bentele34%RES
Travis Gallup28.2%Better Than Most
Steve Boyd27.1%RES
Rick Carlton25.7%ERO Speed Wagon
Danny Hill25.7%Tull
Doug Patrick25.5%ERO Speed Wagon
Dan Angstead25.2%Wrecking Crew
Jan Monroe25.0%Damn Near Gold
Stan Schloer24.6%Jay Chalkers
Bud Nelson24.4%Damn Near Gold
James Markley24.2%Jay Chalkers
Dave Parks22.3%Damn Near Gold
Mike Burney21.3%Damn Near Gold
Steve Miteff21.1%Damn Near Gold
Bob Arenholtz20.8%Better Than Most
Jon Boster20.7%Better Than Most
Mike Johnson20.7%Green Felt
Pat Brown20.0%ERO Speed Wagon